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In preparation for the reconstruction of the Central Terminal Building at LaGuardia Airport, United Airlines has awarded a contract to the Giuliani Associates Design Team for A/E services to relocate United facilities from Hangar 2 and Building 85 to Building 28 (former U.S. Post Office). The project consists of outfitting Building 28 to accommodate ground service equipment offices, shops & stores; aircraft maintenance offices, shops & stores; and facility maintenance offices. United anticipates occupying the relocated facilities by the end of 2013. Giuliani Associates has a long standing relationship with United Airlines and has been providing the airline with design service for over forty years.

Past projects for United include the expansion of Terminal C at Boston’s Logan International Airport; the expansion of Concourse C and D at Washington Dulles International Airport; studies for Tiers 2 and 3 at Washington Dulles International Airport; Concourse G at Washington Dulles International Airport; Midfield FIS at Washington Dulles International Airport; Red Carpet Clubs, Holdrooms, Ticketing, and Operations spaces throughout the system.