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After many years of success developing franchise restaurants, The Wilner Company retained Giuliani Associates to assist in developing Tidewater Landing, an independent restaurant concept.

An existing 1,500 SF restaurant in Terminal C at Washington National Airport was renovated and re-branded, including a 75-seat dining room; a bar with 20 seats; and a take-out counter; all supported

by a commercial kitchen. The dining area features a wave-form ceiling; wave forms are repeated in the bartop, bar ceiling, and decorative partitions. Key elements of the Landing brand were incorporated into Tidewater Landing to provide a fresh, contemporary facility with finishes and fixtures reminiscent of traditional Virginia Tidewater area restaurants. Decorative pilings were added to the dining area to

divide the space into smaller areas; the dining areas were accented with large photographic murals featuring Tidewater scenery. The dining area is open to the passenger concourse for maximum exposure; the bar and take-out counter are secured by a side-stacking security grill.