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Architecture & Interiors
M/E/P Engineer
Structural Engineer
General Contractor

Giuliani Associates Architects
Dominion Consulting Engineers
Shemro Engineering
HITT Contracting

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Detailed Description of the Project: (General)

Giuliani Associates was retained by HITT Construction to provide design services as part of a design-build project team for Smithsonian Stores.  The first location developed by Giuliani and HITT was located in Concourse B at Washington Dulles International Airport.  After the successful completion of that project, Smithsonian again contracted with HITT and Giuliani to develop a location in Concourse B at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

As part of the Hitt Contracting Design-Build team, Giuliani Associates provided architectural services from design development through construction.  Working from design standards prepared by the Smithsonian, Giuliani Associates developed contract documents in conformance with Airport Design Standards and site specific requirements. Complete services through construction completion were provided in collaboration with the entire design-build team.

Detailed Description of the Project: (IAD)

Smithsonian combined two existing retail facilities into a single store with two distinct merchandising areas developed with bright color schemes; the merchandizing areas were divided conceptually with changes in materials and finishes.  The existing storefronts remained and Giuliani worked the design around existing utilities and structure.

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  • Design Management & Architectural Services
  • Preparation of Design and Contract Documents
  • Construction phase services, both on-site and in-office support
  • Coordination with existing building utilities and infrastructure
  • Coordination and review of technical information between all team members
  • Coordination with the Airport Authorities and the airport architects.