Wednesday, July 6, 2022
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Imagine, an Expo where Countries and States could come together to celebrate a diversity of culture and trade.  The current Expos held every five years around the world only allow for the expression of culture and a glimpse into the future.  ONE WORLD EXPO brings the concepts of a World Expo and a Trade Show together in a village. The Village contains facilities for Marts and Trade shows adjacent to country and state pavilions forming a village that promotes international trade.  Imagine a hotel, global technology and innovation center, office buildings, and an international cultural and entertainment center.  ONE WORLD EXPO  combines a merchandise mart and a world expo to create an International Wholesale Trading Village and Cultural Entertainment center.

ONE WORLD EXPO provides a solution to help make America a leader in International Trade again by providing one place in the world where all of the people involved in trade can coexist.

ONE WORLD EXPO brings the world a place where all of the players involved in world trade can unite and offer their respective services. Countries, States, wholesalers, traders, importers, exporters, and those involved in the background of world trade have a village where they can lease the facilities needed for offices, permanent exposition space, trade show mart space, lecture halls, meeting halls, gathering spaces, a cultural center and an international retail center.

Investment in One World Expo provides a unique opportunity to improve the U.S. standing in the World regarding trade. To find our more about the investment opportunities in One World Expo please call the President of One World Expo, Ambassador Fred Bush, 703-591-8444.


The mission of ONE WORLD EXPO in Washington, DC is to create the first permanent global marketplace dedicated to showcasing U.S. exports, and exports from countries around the globe to Create Global Trading Partners.


The concept is an integration of the World’s Fair and the uniquely American Merchandising Mart.  To understand the power and potential revenue producing characteristics one must understand the positive impact this 21st century evolution can have for America.

First, the current World’s Fair Model is controlled by an international body called the “Bureau International des Exposition” (BIE). The BIE has been hosting fairs in different countries for the purpose of showcasing a country’s “culture and architecture”.  Unfortunately, these events occur only every 5 years and last only 6 months, while attracting millions of visitors there is no significant change in global trade.   In 2000, the United States Congress passed legislation preventing the U.S. Government from using tax payer money to support these events.

Likewise, the Merchandising Mart model was established in the 1930’s in Chicago for manufacturers, and service companies to showcase their products in a permanent exhibit space for the “retail trade” to purchase wholesale. This unique American Model has spread to approximately 30 locations only in the US, and has become the “Gold Standard” for retailers to buy wholesale products and services. Examples include the High Point Mart in North Carolina and the Chicago Mart.

The ONE WORLD EXPO model combines the best features of each of these proven and successful models to create a permanent showcase for products and services that is organized and marketed by US States, and Foreign Governments for the explicit purpose of promoting trade, and forging long term global trading partnerships.

The ONE WORLD EXPO team has spent the last three years refining the concept, building a team of International traders, and real estate developers, and searching for the perfect location.  We have identified several sites in and around Washington, DC for this 14,000,000 square foot “global village”.

View looking to the north.

View looking to the southeast.

View looking to the north.

The CIT building will become the headquarters for ONE WORLD EXPO and house the operations and management.

ONE WORLD EXPO will require numerous support staff to handle the management and logistics.  This building will accommodate those resources.

This facility will provide a location for the world to share innovations in technology that aid in civil emergencies and world disasters.  It showcases goods that help keep mission critical facilities operating and provide disaster recovery emergency operations if such facilities are destroyed.

Offering a far better return on investment than the existing model of Expos, the ONE WORLD EXPO will allow countries, companies, and states to have self-built pavilions.  These pavilions remain up permanently, offering countries, corporations, and states a better ROI and longer exhibit time than traditional trade shows and expos.

Manufacturers and wholesalers will be visiting ONE WORLD EXPO for  extended visits to allow them to meet the various countries, companies, and states.   ONE WORLD EXPO will offer a luxury hotel, cultural expositions, entertainment, food & beverage and other retail options.  Because some countries will have part of the foreign service personnel assigned to ONE WORLD EXPO there will be a residential village allowing countries to lease residential accommodations.

There is no place that exist in the world like ONE WORLD EXPO.  The concept allows an opportunity for multiple business entities to become valuable resources providing, legal, translation, logistics, education, and many other necessary services to the trade industry that will be the heart of ONE WORLD EXPO.

The figure above denoting the facilities, size and cost is an estimate at a rough order of magnitude. It was completed without any knowledge of land availability, geotechnical reports, environmental analysis, or feasibility studies.  These numbers are not to be used to determine whether or not this project is profitable.

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