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Project Description:  As part of a program for capital improvements and maintenance of the Toll Road, the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) issued a task order contract to study existing conditions, evaluate options for making improvements, and make recommendations for a number of conditions requiring attention.  Several of the task orders issued by the Authority required architectural services, such as studies and schematics, including the following:

Toll Booth Color Studies: Aesthetic evaluation of existing toll booths by Giuliani Associates conducted in conjunction with civil and electrical / controls upgrade studies provided by Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson Engineers  Studies were conducted in conjunction with the MWAA program for developing a “brand image” for the Dulles Toll Road.

Sound Wall Design Standards: Aesthetic evaluation of precast concrete sound barriers by Giuliani Associates conducted in conjunction with functional, constructability, and durability studies provided by Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson Engineers.  Since the majority of the existing sound walls will not be replaced, the standards considered existing patterns and colors to ensure a harmonious arrangement.

Professional Services:  Giuliani Associates provided the following architectural services for the Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson On-Call Design Team:

  • Survey, documentation, and analysis of existing conditions
  • Coordination of architectural components with technical considerations
  • Coordination of architectural components with technical consideration
  • Contributions to value engineering studies
  • Selection of alternate materials, colors, and patterns
  • Collaboration with MWAA Design Department (MA-34)
  • Coordination with end-user (Dulles Toll Road Management Team)Incorporating changes resulting from consultations into the project design
  • Preparation of design review presentations and final design standards reports