Giuliani Helps Owners See the Future


The Giuliani Team was retained to use its sophisticated computer modeling and visualization software to create photo realistic images of how properties will look after rehabilitations. Specifically, Giuliani’s visualizations artists used Builidng Information Modeling to prepare models of the existing conditions. Virtual materials selected by the owners, their architects and engineers were applied to the model. Lighting scenes were added as well as window curtains, automobiles, and people to give the images a sense of scale and life. Once these were added the Giuliani Team rendered the models using sophisticated state of the art custom computers. After the rendering creates a virtual setting the Giuliani Team of digital artist take the images through the post production process to create even more spectacular images.

The Giuliani Team uses sophisticated hardware and software. The tools the Giuliani team uses include products known in the industry including Autodesk, Boxx, and V-Ray. The Giuliani Team also custom builds specialized equipment in-house to speed up the rendering process. Once the process is completed, Giuliani can help owners distribute their vision by creating movies, websites, and 2 & 3D printed materials.

The Giuliani Team has 1000’s of cores available in-house and ready to render.