After operating our offices for forty years from 1000 Connecticut Avenue, NW, in Washington, DC and then for 12 years from 123 S. Royal Street, in Alexandria, VA, Giuliani Associates now operates from our newly renovated location at 333 North Fairfax Street in the Old Town section of Alexandria, VA.

The fully renovated office include the latest technologies for conserving energy. Rather than using traditional roof top units for heating and cooling, Simpson Properties teamed with experts to help renovate the fourth floor of 333 N. Fairfax Street in Alexandria, VA with goal of making sustainable spaces for tenants. In return tenants would be more comfortable. Simpson properties saves money, reduces their carbon footprint, and helps to cool the planet.

Simpson started by demolishing the space to the concrete floor, brick exteriors walls, and roof deck. Only the circulation core remained. Since this is the top floor, spray insulation was applied to the roof deck and walls. Four inches of closed cell foam was used to insulate the roof and walls. This provided an R value of 49. Energy Star windows replaced older poor performing windows. Fluorescent lamps were replaced with LED fixtures. The existing mechanical system included to 20 TON rooftop units was replaced by a 28 ton Daiken VRF System. This reduced the environmental impact by 12 tons.

The result is an enormous savings in energy consumption. The system allow tenants to control the HVAC system. Each space has its own zone and thermostat. Our new space has fresh outside air supplied to maintain proper levels of oxygen and reduce employee fatigue.

Lighting is automated and will include daylight harvesting allowing the fixtures draw down power consumption as the sun moves across the sky. Simpson even had a dashboard custom made to monitor the energy consumption in real time.

40 Ton Conventional RTU
Update Diaken VRF System
AON Fresh Air Supply

Visitors will enjoy the on site parking! Over the next few months we will be modernizing our new suite. The new space will include multiple high tech conference spaces, a broadcast studio for recording and producing video cast and livestreams, and training. The newer more modern space will offer a far more energy efficient and sustainable space.

Interior LED fixtures with Daiken Interior Unit