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As part of an ongoing program to bring popular restaurant brands to the airline traveler, HMS Host launched a Romano’s Macaroni Grill in the West Landside Terminal at Orlando International Airport. Working with the Macaroni Grill design team and the HMS Host development Team, Giuliani Associates Architects designed a 5,400 SF restaurant.

Project Description:  Giuliani Associates Architects has developed airport food and beverage facilities with HMS Host (previously Host Marriott and Host International) since 1970. Since then, Giuliani Associates has designed over 250 airport concessions facilities for HMS Host – Host Marriott – Host International in over 20 airports. When HMS Host was awarded the food & beverage concessions at Orlando International Airport, Giuliani Associates was retained to redevelop existing facilities totaling 40,000 SF.  In collaboration with the airport design staff, Giuliani Associates designed a food court in the Landside Terminal for 8 national brands, with common food storage and prep areas: Nathan’s Famous, Carvel Ice Cream, Zyng Noodlery, Sbarro Pizza, Chick-Fil-A, Krispy Kreme Donuts, Fresh Attractions Deli, and McDonalds.  Additionally, Giuliani Associates designed 2 stand-alone facilities in the Landside Terminal (Fox Sports Bar and Romano’s Macaroni Grill) and 5 stand-alone facilities in the Airside Terminals: Starbucks, Burger King, Nathan’s Famous, Fresh Attractions Deli, and Outback Steakhouse.

Professional Services:  Giuliani Associates served as architect of record and design team leader for all of the food & beverage facilities.  During the initial design phase, Giuliani Associates worked closely with HMS Host and each brand representative to ensure that all brand requirements were met and all airport design manual standards were followed.  Since all of the projects were renovations of existing spaces, Giuliani Associates worked closely with each design discipline to resolve any conflicts with existing site conditions.

  • Survey and documentation of existing conditions
  • Incorporating national brand standards into the project design
  • Preparation of drawings and specifications to comply with Greater Orlando Airport Authority design standards
  • Participation in design charrettes with national brand designers and HMS Host development team
  • Collaboration with Greater Orlando Authority design staff
  • Coordination of technical information among team members
  • Coordination of utility systems with building architecture
  • Development interior details, including specialized millwork
  • Preparation of signage bid package
  • Construction support services: submittal review, RFI responses, site observations, amendment preparation