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Giuliani Digital utilized many professional photographs and video clips to create this promotional video for ONE WORLD EXPO.

The following list includes the copyright information.

Concept for One World Expo
Gary Bottorff
Patent Pending

Programming, Planning, and Scheme
Copyright Giuliani Associates Architects, Inc.
All Rights Reserved

Video Production
Copyright Giuliani Digital, LLC
All Rights Reserved

Virtual Reality Manager
Hussam Elkhrazz
Giuliani Associates Architects

Virtual Reality Assistant
Joseph G. Giuliani

Background Music
New Frontiers
Composer Juan Mares | StoryBlocks

Flags iStock: 472660281
© 3dsguru

Container Cargo Ship at Night
Shutterstock: 539166481
© Virojt Changyencham

Aerial of Container Ship
Shutterstock: 556513975

Compass Raised on World Map
ShutterStock: 1149991
© wavebreakmedia

Workman in Joinery Shop
ShutterStock: 2170820
© DoctorFilm

Large Ship Sailing through the Straits of Istanbul, Turkey
Shutterstock: 2048312
© Sail Away

3D Video Montage of International Business Meetings Ending up in Dubai
Shutterstock: 6725953
© Spotmalik, Ltd.

Flight Over Washington Mall Flown by Joseph G. Giuliani
© Flight Simulator Steam Addition
City of Washington in 3D
Design Effects added by Hussam S. Elkhrraz

Flags iStock: 472660281
© 3dsguru

Storefront of Clothing Shop
Dreamstime: 21454954
© Toxawww

Chef Doing Flambe on Food
Shutterstock: 430635775
© hxdyl

Models on Catwalk During Fashion Show
Shutterstock: 3018040
© Gina Smith

Musical Performance Concert and Light Show
Dreamstime 13020571
© Pavel Losevsky

A Group of Multi-Ethnic Business Colleagues Brainstorming Together at a Glass Wall
© Stock Market Films | StoryBlocks

A woman holds a speech to the audience in an auditorium during a convention of economics and finance…
© StoryBlocks

Hand Holding Business Diagram
Shutterstock: 106636133
© nopporn

Closeup of Red Chinse Pavilion
Dreamstime 38022638
© Piccaya

2010 Expo Shanghai Cultural Center
Dreamstime: 15771286
© Hu Xiaohua

Italian Pavilion Milan Expo
Dreamstime 54975427
© Jakub Zajic

Estonian Pavilion at Milan Expo
Dreamstime: 59451262
© Anei

Tractor on Exhibition
Dreamstime: 7641538
© Pavel Losevsky

Tractors on Exhibition
Dreamstime: 7888654
© Pavel Losevsky

Visitors on a Fair
Dreamstime: 5534746
© Riekefoto

Advertisement Exposition in Moscow, Russia
Dreamstime: 21373505
© Vasily Kovalev

High-tech used in medical equipment
Dreamstime: 24436451
© Uptall

Trade Show Panoramic View
Shutterstock: 8563075
© Adriano Castelli

 Lyon Olympic Stadium, Decines-Charpieu, France
© Thomas Serer | Unsplash

Modern Web Network
Shutterstock: 551106043
© Scanrail

Plane at Wildfire Newbury Park, Thousands Oaks, CA
© Ben Kuo | Unsplash

Plant Picture Clean Room Equipment
Shutterstock: 551193691

Power Line Equipment
© American Public Power Association | Unsplash

Field Hospital Tent
Shutterstock: 326219867
© Jakub Janele

Medical Equipment
Shutterstock: 510497761
© DmyTo

Man Sitting on Sofa At Home Wearing Virtual Reality Headset
Shutterstock ID: 408018520
© Monkey Business Images