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Detailed Description of the Project:  (General)

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority retained the services of Dominion Consulting Engineers and Giuliani Associates to identify various repairs required to extend the useful operating life of Concourse C/D at Washington Dulles International Airport.  The Architectural work of the Concourse C/D Rehabilitation involved repairs to existing facilities required by normal aging and deferred maintenance of the building, including:

  • Survey of existing conditions
  • Addition of a Ramp Tower Cab
  • Installation of window film
  • Interior and exterior repairs
  • Development of a comprehensive interior finish scheme
  • Resolution of Life Safety and Security Issues
  • Replacement of Multiple Men’s and Women’s Toilet Room
  • Installation of Companion Toilets
  • Roofing Repairs


Ramp Tower Cab

The Ramp Tower Cab was designed to be constructed on top of the existing Environmental Office.  The floor of the Ramp Tower is 12’-0” above the existing office.  Giuliani worked with the Authority and the contractor to ensure minimal impact to existing operations during construction.

Window Film

Approximately 13,000 square feet of solar energy film was installed on exterior windows along the south side of the C/D Concourse.  The film limited the amount of natural light entering the building and reduced the contrast between naturally illuminated areas and artificially lit spaces.

Renovate 11 Sets of Men’s and Women’s Toilet Rooms

Giuliani Associates and The Authority identified eleven sets of toilet rooms that required various levels of refurbishment, including the removal and replacement of a number of deteriorated fixtures and finishes.  Giuliani Associates also addressed outstanding accessibility concerns.

Development of a Comprehensive Color Scheme

As Concourse C/D was developed over time by a number of different airlines, various colors of finish materials were installed throughout the building.  The Authority directed the design team to develop a comprehensive color scheme to create continuity throughout the concourse.

Replace Ground Level Exterior Doors

Exterior doors and/or frames on the ramp level of the building were beyond their useful life.  Giuliani conducted a comprehensive survey to determine which doors and frames were replaced.

Reconfigure Exit Access Doors

In several locations, the configuration of exit and passenger boarding bridge access doors did not allow passengers to exit from an aircraft parked at the gate directly into the building.  The Authority directed the design team to remedy this situation.

At the direction of the Fire Marshal, in response to security concerns, designated egress doors and stairs were removed as egress components for the Concourse Level.

Replace Damaged Siding & Soffit Panels and Infill Doors

The existing painted metal siding and soffit panels had sustained significant damage.  A majority of this damage is simply dents and dings. However, in a number of places the siding and soffits had been penetrated or joints between panels have been disengaged allowing water to enter the building.

There were also abandoned doors on the concourse level of the building that previously led to passenger boarding bridges removed from the building.  These doors and frames were removed and the interior and exterior finish materials patched to match adjacent existing.

Description of the Actual Involvement in the Performance of the Project:

Giuliani Associates is the Architect of Record for the Concourse C/D Rehabilitation Project:

Preparation of Design and Contract Documents

  • Construction phase services, both on-site and in-office support
  • Coordination with existing building utilities and infrastructure
  • Coordination with the Authority


During the initial design phase, Giuliani Associates worked closely with the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority and the Fire Marshall to ensure that all design manual standards and life safety codes were addressed.  Since the project was a renovation of an existing, operational facility Giuliani Associates worked closely with the contractor to resolve any conflicts with existing site conditions.

Giuliani Scope of Services: Prime Consultant providing Design Management & Architectural Services

  • Programming (Including passenger traffic studies)
  • Schematic Design (Including analyses of alternative schemes and proposals)
  • Design Development (Including project phasing packages)
  • Construction Documents Preparation
  • Construction Support Services (Submittals, RFI Responses, Site Observations)