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Project Description:  The up-fit reconfiguration of the line maintenance facilities in an existing 73,000 SF hangar renovated by Massport provides American Airlines with a hangar bay to accommodate three narrow-body aircraft, along with maintenance equipment and ground service equipment facility.  An integrated three-story support area houses associated maintenance shops, parts and equipment storage, private offices and open administrative spaces. Exterior supporting spaces house specialized containers for hazardous wastes, glycol storage tanks, and mechanical equipment.

Six individually-operated hangar doors clad in translucent panels as part of the building renovation provide access for the aircraft and daylighting for the hangar bay; additional daylighting is provided by translucent panels on the end walls of the hangar bay.  An overhead coiling service door added to the hangar bay accommodates ground service vehicles to reduce the need for opening the hangar doors.

As part of the fit-out, barrier-free upgrades to the three-story support area included new hydraulic elevator, accessible office layouts

Hangar bay finishes include CMU walls with high-performance paint and high-gloss fuel-resistive resinous flooring system. Finishes in support areas include gypsum board on steel studs with lay-in acoustical ceilings in offices and personnel convenience areas, and painted CMU walls and open ceilings in shops and maintenance areas. Finishes throughout were selected for durability and ease of maintenance.

Special equipment includes fall protection and material lifts; a compressed air system is provided throughout the hangar bay and associated shops.  A CCTV system was designed to provide security throughout the hangar, GSE, storage and office facilities.  The hangar bay is protected by a deluge fire suppression system; a separate standard wet-pipe fire suppression system provides protection for the three-story support area.

The renovation was completed under the Massport Sustainable Design Standards and Guidelines. The guidelines applied to the Hangar 9 renovation included: the use of recycled and regionally produced materials, enhanced R-value insulation, new energy efficient HVAC units, high efficiency exhaust fans, and energy efficient light fixtures with motion-activated control systems.

Professional Services:  To coordinate American Airlines’ facility development with concurrent airport base building upgrades, an integrated project team was established. Critical path milestones were established by the project team as a whole.  Giuliani Associates provided architectural services:

  • Facilitating collaboration among landlord, tenant, designer, and builder stakeholders
  • Developing the facility to comply with the American Airlines Design Standards
  • Preparation of drawings and specifications to comply with Massport Tenant Construction Guidelines
  • Consultation with American Airlines staff personnel and Massport staff personnel
  • Coordination and review of technical information among all team members
  • Coordination of engineering distribution systems with building architecture & structure
  • Finish materials selection and development of the structural interior design (SID)